Just Vibez Football

Spinx Media Tv was invited to attend the Just Vibez football tournament and pub lime held on Sat 30th September. We were asked to create a bespoke video production that would highlight and raise the awareness of the event and its charitable cause. The Just Vibez crew hosted this football tournament and along with #islandgirlsrocks a pub lime to raise funds for the Island of Dominica following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. The event saw teams from across the Caribbean scene and others wishing to contribute to the cause and have some fun playing and cheering on at the tournament. Bands such as Euphoria (eventual winners), Abir, Colours, Pure Lime, Event promoters – Shipwrecked, Duck and Drake and Dj crews such as Almighty sound and Movements family were among the teams represented. The events also served as an opportunity to spread awareness that “dutty mas” may have seen its last year in 2017. Attendees were encouraged to donate generously and also to sign the “save dutty mas” petition. Over £900 was raised at the football tournament and pub lime all being contributed with food stuff and clothing to #relieffordominica charity The events were also a great opportunity for families and all ages to come out and spend time enjoying each others company and networking outside of a fete or carnival. The spirit was great and unified! #justvibez #spinxmedia Contact: spinxmedia@gmail.com

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